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Occasional musings from Head of School Brad Bates

What a Room Can Tell You

Yesterday I completed an inspection of every student room on campus and a few of the day student common areas as part of our annual Dormitory and Day Student Olympiad. The students often go to great lengths to decorate their dormitories and their rooms for this competition, and I enjoy going through each space with Dean of Students Carl Anhalt.

I love how students make their campus spaces a home away from home when they are at Dublin. I realize that I see these spaces at their very best, and yet I feel like a get a glimpse into their personalities and the relationships they are building with their roommates and dorm mates when I take this tour. Here are some photos with my takeaways about things that caught my attention about these different spaces.

Congratulations to Corner House for the win—and it wasn’t just about the chocolate.

Clean rooms are happy rooms!

One day student team turned the cafe into a Parisian coffe shop.

Lehmann House had the coziest and most creative common areas.

I have a soft spot for stuffed animals…

Day students making a home in the Gillespie TV Room.

A beautiful room in Hoyt-Horner.

This student has good taste (buds)…

Feeling the love! I am sure this was quite sincere.