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My Favorite Shows of 2022

I thought I would mix things up for this blog and share some of my favorite things of 2022. I will start with streaming shows and maybe try to get to books, podcasts, and movies.  I feel like we live in the golden age of streaming and feel so fortunate to have so many options for viewing. I also hope to invite you to share your favorite shows with me. 

1. The Bear on FX

This show is based on a professional chef returning to Chicago to run his family's sandwich shop. While it is a fantastic look into what happens behind the scenes in kitchens, it is truly about relationships, chemistry, and teamwork. I even referenced the show in our opening faculty meetings, for it portrays how teams can work incredibly well together or devolve into chaos rather quickly. There is one episode where the characters work together incredibly well and seemingly find joy in their work. The moment is fleeting, like many human moments, yet it gives a glimpse into what is possible when we focus on the team over our own needs. This show is powerful.

2. Reservation Dogs on FX/HULU

My wife Lisa encouraged me to watch this series, and I am glad I did! I love dramas with a sense of humor, and this show is filled with a beautiful balance of powerful moments and hilarious scenes. The story follows a group of teenagers who feel trapped on their reservation and find stress and strength in their relationships. It captures the universal aspects of youth while adding a view into the complexities of living on a reservation. All of the writers, directors, and principal cast members are indigenous. You will fall in love with these characters!

3. The White Lotus on HBO

This show has filled my drama/comedy void while I wait for the next season of Succession. Does anyone else need a little humor in their lives these days? I love when dramas build in comedy--we need to laugh in life! When I am having trouble connecting with a drama, it is often because the show takes itself too seriously, and there are no light moments. Even mobsters must do silly things or laugh from time to time in real life, right? Anyway, sorry for the rant. The White Lotus is just pure fun to watch, even when one cannot stomach the characters being portrayed by some incredible acting. This show should have something for everyone.

Thanks for reading this far. If you have any shows to recommend, please email me at Here's to another year of great programming in 2023!