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Occasional musings from Head of School Brad Bates

Moxie Awards

Today was the last day to give out Moxie Awards. I started giving Moxie Awards to students almost twenty-five years ago, and I have given them out at three different schools now. Anyone in the community can nominate another member of the community for showing moxie in some aspect of their lives at Dublin. Winners receive a can of my favorite soda, Moxie! I love the language of the nominations, especially the words chosen to describe the soda. This year we went through over five cases of Moxie. We also occasionally give out a Shamrock Shirt that has our motto on the back written in Gaelic. These are reserved for nominations of individuals who truly live our motto.  Here are the nominations I received for today:

Who defines Moxie more than Georgia??? Not only is her hair a clue, her energy in all she does communicates the power of Dublin's special elixir. Whether announcements in morning meeting, coxing in crew, Math homework, ensuring senior presentations are witty and well articulated, or taking up violin, Georgia gives her all to anything she does. She has inspired us to dress up on Thursdays, and to speak up and out, and to follow our passions. Georgia deserves a Moxie for the energy and spirit she has given our community!


Dear Mr. Bates,

I would like to formally nominate Mr. Anhalt for the beautiful brown liquid that one calls Moxie. For the past 2 years as dean of students, Mr. Anhalt has shown how much he cares for the students and has put his heart and soul into his work here at Dublin. Beyond his role as the dean of students, he took on teaching statistics this year and he helped me understand a whole new mathematical language while working hard to make it engaging and fun. Mr. Anhalt embodies the Dublin spirit and has worked to better the school and students' lives through his kindness and support. For all of these reasons and more, Mr. Anhalt is greatly deserving of an ice-cold canister of the one, the only, the potion of power, the fizzy frenzy, the bubbly beauty, the sweet-smelling, and life-changing soda of Moxie. Thank you Mr. Anhalt!


Hi Mr. Bates,

This was my first year at Dublin. I have enjoyed every second of it and I could not have done it without the help of a few adults and my friends. The person I want to nominate for a moxie award is Coach Kelley. He was my tennis coach this past spring and he is also my dorm parent. He has always been there for me as a supportive mentor and I will always look up to him. Every time he is on duty, or even when he’s not on duty, he checks-in with my roommate and me. We share our food with him and talk to him about our day and things we are anxious about. He always manages to bring a smile to my face even when I don’t feel like doing so. I am forever grateful for him and I love him so much. Please reward him with a Moxie Award to let him know how appreciated he truly is. Thank you,


Mr. Bates,

Dylan has been SO solid helping in the kitchen this year.

He was last night’s supervisor, and when he showed up and I told him he didn’t need to be here because there were no student workers scheduled instead of leaving, he put on an apron and washed dishes all by himself all night.