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Global Scholars Program

Dublin School is formally establishing a Global Scholars Program (GSP) to provide full financial support for students from international crisis zones.

What is the Global Scholars Program?

The Global Scholars Program (GSP) embodies the core of our mission  - To help students grow into people who seek Truth and act with Courage. Dublin School has a long history of successfully incorporating and supporting international students from all backgrounds, including those from war-torn countries who need complete financial aid and wrap around services in order to attend Dublin School. As we face the difficult truths of what is happening around the world, it is clear that there will continue to be amazing students living in crisis, who could benefit from a Dublin education. In light of this truth, Dublin School is seeking to build a team of volunteers and a new restricted Global Scholars Endowment Fund, dedicated to supporting students from international crisis zones.  

"We feel it is essential that Dublin School find a way to use its resources to support students around the globe who share our vision for the power of education but who do not have the opportunities that we are so fortunate to have. We are committed to creating a global community on our campus for students of all means and backgrounds."
Bradford Bates, Head of school

Why now?

Dublin School is in the public phase of its history's most extensive comprehensive campaign. The campaign focuses on increasing the School’s endowment to fulfill its mission for future generations. Establishing a new Global Scholars Fund not only aligns with Dublin’s mission but will allow the School to support these extraordinary international students without detracting from the financial aid given to its domestic students. Therefore, we strive to build a new endowment fund of approximately $3 Million, to be allocated separately from, and not to take away from, Dublin’s other scholarship commitments. Approximately 4.5% of the income of this fund will be used to provide full tuition and wraparound support for our Global Scholars every year, forever.

Why the monadnock Community?

People in the Monadnock region care not only for their own local community but also for the global community. The Global Scholars Fund offers the greater Monadnock Community the opportunity to make a concrete difference in the lives of exceptional young people from around the world.

Fundraising will include outreach to local community members who may not have an immediate relationship to the school, but who are supportive of the broader mission of educating teens from difficult circumstances around the world, and who believe in the power of local community-focused action for the greater good - a new way to live our values. 

Everyone Benefits from the Global Scholars Program

Tyson Laa Deng '13

South Sudan

A cybersecurity engineer with Paypal. Graduated from Soka University with a BA in liberal arts and an MS from SNHU.

Rahila Talayee '23

Kabul, Afghanistan

Sophomore at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire

Talia Jada '24

Cairo, Egypt

Recent Dublin graduate going on to Cottey College in Nevada, Missouri.

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