Parent Guardian Permissions 2019-2020 School Year

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Student Name
Travel with Enrolled Student's Parent (parent, step-parent, grandparent, or legal guardian only):
Travel with Day Students: *
Freshmen and sophomores may only ride in vehicles driven by Dublin faculty, except for approved Day Student carpooling.
Travel with Recent Alumni *
Freshmen and sophomores may only ride in vehicles driven by Dublin faculty, except for approved Day Student Carpooling.
Day Student Carpooling *
Please allow my freshman or sophomore day student to travel to and from school with an older day student.
(Note: This is the only time a freshman or sophomore may travel in a car driven by another student)
Driving Permission
DAY STUDENTS ONLY. Only Day Students are allowed to have cars at Dublin School. Underclassmen may not drive cars during the school day. Cars belonging to underclassmen are to be parked and used for traveling to and from campus only.
All vehicles driven to campus must be registered with the Dean of Students Office.
News and Photo Release *
Swim Permission *
Dublin School Store *
Laundry and Laundry Facilities
Campus laundry machines are operated by a laundry card system. Coins/cash are not accepted in the laundry facilities. Students are able to load money on to a card. The card is then inserted into the washer and dryers for operation. Each student who would like to use Dublin's laundry facilities will be issued a laundry card. There will be a $5.00 replacement fee for any lost, stolen, or damaged card. The cards should be treated as cash. Cards will initially be loaded with $25 and the cards are reloadable. Cards may be loaded by using cash, credit/debit card, or via the student's account. Ms. LeClair will provide details on how and when cards may be reloaded, at the start of school.
Laundry Card - New Students
Laundry Card - Returning Students
Reloading Laundry Card - All Students
Travel I acknowledge that my student will go off campus via school transportation, at the discretion of any school administrator. Handbook Below you will find a link to the 2019-2020 Dublin School Student Handbook, as well as an electronic signature form. The form must be signed by each student and at least one parent/guardian acknowledging that you agree to abide by the rules and procedures of the School. It is important that you read through the handbook carefully to familiarize yourself with the current school policies. The table of contents indicates sections in bold which have been updated for the 2019-2020 school year. Please complete the electronic form by August 30. 2019-2020 Dublin School Handbook Student and Parent Handbook Contract I/we hereby enroll our child/guardian at Dublin School for the 2019-2020 school year and agree that such enrollment is subject to fundamental rules of the school and by other disciplinary rules and policies as appear in the handbook for students and parents. By signing this contract I agree to provide the School support in maintaining a safe environment by enforcing the fundamental rules of the School. I also agree that this contract is valid for any subsequent changes that may be made to the Handbook throughout the duration of my enrollment at Dublin School. I/we understand that breach of said rules may be grounds for dismissal at any time prior to graduation. The undersigned student hereby authorizes the School to send students grades and other evaluative reports directly to the students parent's and to such colleges as my be deemed necessary by the director of college counseling as long as he or she remains a student at the School. I/we understand that continued enrollment at Dublin School is subject to annual review. Please sign this document electronically by August 30.
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