Dublin School Camping Trip 2019 Options

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Beginner Backpacking

Students will hike a section of the Long Trail, Vermont’s ultimate backpacking trail that runs the length of the state or head to the Adirondacks, the high peaks in New York. Students will carry their gear to a shelter or tenting area near a lake or stream and spend both nights at that site. The middle day, students will leave most of their gear behind and summit a high peak to enjoy outstanding views. This trip is designed for a novice backpacker or a motivated student interested in exploring the backcountry for the first time.

Experienced Backpacking

Enjoy amazing views from some of the most scenic vistas in the northeast. These trips will explore Mt. Washington, the Pemigiwassett Wilderness (which includes the Bond peaks), or Franconia Ridge. These are challenging trips where students will travel roughly 30 miles over the three days carrying all their gear the entire trip. Previous backpacking experience is required.

Canoe Trip

The Rangeley Lakes Region in Western Maine offers some of the most pristine paddling in the Northeast. These trips will paddle along parts of the Northern Forest Canoe Trail, exploring the beautiful shorelines looking for wildlife such as moose or loons. Students will load their canoes and paddle out to remote campsites along the lakes, spending a good portion of each day paddling. Experience canoeing is recommended, but students do not need to have been on multi-day canoe trips before to enjoy this trip.   

Coastal Trip

Camp along the Maine coast in one of the northeast’s most beautiful settings. The group will stay in a campground at Acadia National Park, with opportunities to hike and explore the tide pools. The highlight of the trip is a 9-mile hike to summit a local peak. The next morning, the group will wake up early and watch the sunrise before everyone else in the country from one of the furthest eastern points in the United States atop Cadillac Mountain.

Day Hiking

Each day, explore a different trail in the White Mountains to swim holes, waterfalls, or to summit a high peak for spectacular views. Students will base camp and carry day packs with them on these hikes. These are good trips for new hikers or for students not ready for a multi-day backpacking trip carrying all their gear. Students should be prepared to spend a full day hiking in the White Mountains.


Hike to ponds and streams in the White Mountains in an effort to reel in the “big one.” Students will explore a variety of different fishing settings and techniques. The middle day will include a lengthy hike to a remote pond or stream that is stocked with fish. Students should be prepared to carry their fishing gear long distances up mountain slopes.  

Fishing and Canoe

Canoe to Moon Island on New Hampshire’s Squam Lake.  Each day, the group will fish the lake and explore the area from the water in a canoe.  The group will camp on Moon Island.  Previous canoeing and fishing experience is not required, but is suggested.

Hike and Canoe

This trip will include short day hikes to spectacular views of the White Mountains and to swimming holes in the crisp waters of the streams. Students will spend one day paddling the Saco or Androscoggin River and hopefully see the bald eagles that frequently fish in the river. This trip is designed to introduce students to hiking and canoeing.

Mountain Biking

This trip will venture to the Northern Kingdom of Vermont to East Burke, where challenging and exciting single track await.  Ride the famous Kingdom Trails, known as the best trail system in all of New England!  Participants will spend the day riding the trails, and the evenings will be spent camping at a local campground.  Experience mountain biking is required to go on this trip. 

Rock Climbing

Camp in the White Mountains and enjoy a combination of activities, including hiking, swimming, and rock climbing, with the possibility of some additional bouldering opportunities. The first day will include a 5-mile hike to experience beautiful views of the White Mountains. The next day, EMS guides will lead the rock climbing trip as they train you to climb safely. On the way home, the group will do a short hike to explore waterfalls. No previous rock climbing experience is necessary.   

Sea Kayaking

Explore the islands in coastal Maine, paddling alongside sea life swimming in the bay. Students will learn the safety skills of sea kayaking as they are led by a Maine Guide. Camp on a series of remote islands at night and learn about protecting the fragile coastal ecosystem. Students do not need sea kayaking experience, but they do need to be prepared to spend extensive time sitting in a kayak and paddling long distances.

Trail Running

This group will run the Monadnock-Sunapee Greenway. Daily trail running trips will cover 15-18 miles each day with light packs.  Camping will be in shelters or other designated spots along the route.  This trip is designed for serious runners, as this trip is physically demanding.


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