February 6, 2014

UPDATE: We've received 12" of snow in this last storm, making it possible to open all of our terrain! All trails have been compacted and over the course of the next few days attempts will be made to firm up the conditions, which are pretty soft as of right now.

Trails Open: 25K

Track Set: 0K (will be working on this!)

Snow Surface: Packed Powder


Nordic Center:

Chamonix - Open

Sapporo - Open

Placid - Open

Oslo - Open

Lower Trails:

Town Line - Open

Perimeter Trail - Open

South Slope Trail - Open

Caleb's Way - Open

Bates-King Trail - Open

Alumni Field & Outer Loop - Open

Coneys' Loop - Open

Hawkes' Cabin Trail - Open

Hawkes' Bailout - Open

Truth - Open

Courage - Open

Lean-To Trail - Open

Yankee Trail Connector - Open