Center groomed on February 9th

The skiing is great at the Nordic Center. The higher you climb the better the conditions, but everything is skiing well. We did groom the lower soccer field for those of you looking for some easy skate skiing. The connector from there to the Nordic Center is not great so it might be worth driving. We have our second Headlamp Hustle Thursday the 11th so come on out.

NC will open this afternoon (Monday 1/18)

Jeremy is planing to groom in the middle of the day. We ask that you stay off the course and especially the tracks until they set up and firm up. In this weather it takes about an hour to set up after he grooms. If you notice you are sinking into the corduroy or washing out the tracks please wait until they firm up. Everything should be skiable by 3 pm today. Enjoy!


ps. Please fill out waiver on Nordic Center page before skiing this season.

Finally an update!

What a confounding winter this has been. I just walked out to the Nordic Center during my lunch break and was pleased to find some skiable snow. Our groomer Jeremy was able to roll out the upper trails and it appears that most of the rocks are covered. If you are up for a rock ski session, it looks like Placid and Oslo are your best bets. Please ski in the correct direction to preserve the uphills from the snow plowers, and please be careful on the icy downhills.

Placid is the trail in green and Oslo is in black.

Placid is the trail in green and Oslo is in black.

Jeremy is hoping to groom Saturday night if it snows on the 16th. If so, the skiing should be better on Sunday. Below are some photos from the Placid trail, showing the best conditions and the worst I could find. Still did not see any visible rocks, just grass. Hopefully we can host our first headlamp hustle race soon!

Sunday, April 5th

I just saw Rich out grooming this morning. Skiing should be great today. Just watch for bare spots. What a great season!

**The Nordic Center trails are open today with just about 7km of skiing! Lower Stadium and Lower Chamonix have been closed off due to thin spots, but you can still access most of Cham through  the first cutoff. Sapporo, Placid, Oslo, and the practice loop are all still in great condition!

Base Depth: 4-12"

Snow Surface: Loose Granular

Trails Open: 7km