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Welcome to our website.  We are excited that you want to learn more about Dublin School.  Throughout these pages you will find information about all we have to offer…a full range of engaging course offerings, a breadth of clubs, athletics and weekend activities.  We believe that access and opportunity leads to discovery.   And as it will soon become evident, at Dublin you CAN do it all!

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However, the best way to really get a sense of our school is to visit.  We want you to see the real connections our gifted faculty make with students.  We want you to experience a student body that is truly committed to passion, knowledge and fun!  We ALL love being part of Dublin and it shows. 


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Student Travel: Ancient Rome in Modern Europe

Anne Mackey


Over March break, eleven Dublin students explored the remains of the Roman Empire in France and Italy with Dublin teachers Michelle Knapp (English and ESL) and Nellie Herman (Latin and Spanish). The trip grew from Ms. Knapp's experience leading student trips to Europe and Ms. Herman's passion for Roman history. Thanks to early enrollment, the students were part of the trip planning process, from hotels to destinations. The first week was spent day-tripping from our home base of Uzes, Provence to arenas, aqueducts, towns, theaters, triumphal arches and temples in Arles, Avignon, Orange, Nimes and St. Remy. Crossing the Alps in true Hannibal fashion, minus the elephants, we moved camp to Rome. The second week was filled with experiencing the grandeur of the capital city - Forum, Palatine Hill, Colosseum, Circus Maximus, Appian Way - and day trips to Pompeii and Ostia (Rome's port city on the Tiber). For the art lovers on the trip we visited sites important to Van Gogh (the cafe in Avignon and the asylum in St. Remy) and saw the works of Renaissance artists Michelangelo, Bernini, Botticelli and others at the Vatican, the Borghese Museum, and the Ufizzi and the Academy in Florence. We learned and practiced French and Italian, shopped at farmers' markets and cooked our own food in France, and developed a love for the food and culture of both countries.


The Compass by Diamond Miller (English 9)

Anne Mackey

     Imagine a world of nothingness. It’s not dark and it’s not light; there is no up and there is no down; there is no right and there is no wrong- only nothing. What can you make of nothing? How does one take nothing and mold it into something?

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