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Revised 9/12/2016

Forms and Handbooks

Textbooks Online:

All Books have their associated ISBN number with them. These are the unique numbers assigned to a specific book and edition. ISBNs are the best way to assure that you are purchasing the correct book.

All books are currently linked to an page where and when available for quick purchase. You can also search for books through any online or local bookseller. Again, always refer to the ISBN for the correct version. It will be noted when specific versions are not required.

Please note -  many courses do not assign books. As information is received confirming that there is no book for a particular course, the course will be labeled as such.

International Families: Shipping selection should be directly to Dublin School. When your books arrive here, we will store them for you until you arrive. The shipping address is: 

Your Student's Name
Dublin School
18 Lehmann Way
Dublin, NH 03444

Domestic Families: You may choose to have the books shipped to your home or to Dublin School.